Sneath's Mill, Lutton Gowts, Long Sutton, Lincolnshire: history, construction and technology

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    Bonwick, Luke [Author]

    Publisher The Mills Archive Trust
    Year of publication 2018

    English (main text)

    Medium Book
    SeriesMills Archive Research Publications
    No. in series9

    Arts, culture and heritage > Traditional millwrighting
    Wind & watermills > England > Lincolnshire

    Scope & contentA unique and fascinating Grade I listed octagonal tower mill, dated 1779 but constructed with materials from half a century earlier. Sneath's Mill (also referred to as Roman Bank Mill) stands on the old Roman bank overlooking farmland near the Wash in an area of the county known as South Holland. Despite being the only one of its type in the county, the mill stood derelict and open to the elements for many decades.Saved at the eleventh hour by the Sneath's Mill Trust, it is now safeguarded.

    The site is open to the public at weekends throughout the summer months. Funds are currently being raised to conserve the mill's ancient wooden machinery and restore the building to its former appearance.Recent research and survey work, funded by a grant from Historic England, has been drawn together in a new book. Written by Luke Bonwick and published by the Mills Archive Trust, it is the 9th entry in their series of Research Publications. Fully illustrated with photographs, maps and scale drawings.

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