Rutter force: a waterfall in Cumbria

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    Frost, Richard [Author]

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    Year of publication 2002

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    Generation of Electricity


    Scope & contentRutter Force or Rutter Falls, near Appleby in Cumbria, has been a source of power for over 400 years. This booklet traces the history of Rutter watermill powered by the water in the Hoff Beck 25 to 30 yards wide falling over the 30 feet into a pool to power the mill. Rutter Mill was first recorded in 1579 at the Dissolution of the Monastaries but could have been of medieval origin. Rutter may be derived from a Norse word meaning "the roarer". A detailed description is given of the owners and occupiers of the mill and the operation of the waterwheel.

    In 1928, a Gilkes turbine was installed in the mill to generate electricity for the people of the district of Appleby. The Great Asby Electric Light & Water Company that operated from 1928 until 1952, when mains electricity was installed.

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