Au temps des moulins à vent

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    English titleAt the time of the windmills
    Authors & editors

    Guilbaud, Jean [Author]

    Publisher Alan Sutton
    Year of publication 2004

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > France
    Arts, culture and heritage > Drawings, paintings & photography

    Scope & contentBook of postcard images of different types of old French mills with some images of millers.

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    • Donor: Michael Harverson
    • Notes: Dedication to Michael Harverson from the author, Jean Guilbaud: "A Michael Harverson, Président de TIMS International. Grand passionné de Molinologie avec ma sincère amitié et toute ma sympathie. Jean Guilbaud, 30 Mar 2004". Contains a letter from the author.