Impington mill: its history and restoration

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    Temple, Steve [Author]
    Eade, Alan [Author]

    Publisher Histon & Impington Village Society
    Year of publication 2012

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    Wind & watermills > England > Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire


    Scope & contentThis new booklet updates the information in the 2006 booklet providing a detailed history of Impington windmill (built in 1776), its place in the agricultural economy and a comprehensive information about its machinery and restoration.

    It includes a history of the ownership of Impington from c1680 up to the current owners (as of 2012). Owners and millers mentioned up to the mill ceasing business in the 1930's: William Arnold; Richard Matthews; Rushforth Barker; James Watson; John and William Arnold; Robert Fishpool; Henry Day; William Hunt and Eliza Hunt (widow of William); Joseph Blatch; John Tebbett; Arnold Flitton; Charles Love; Samuel Waters; Chivers & Sons Ltd; Joshua and Mark Wilson (last millers).

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