De Wind en watermolens in Overijssel

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    English titleWind and watermills in Overijssel
    Authors & editors

    Zeiler, Frits David [Author]
    Perfors, Gerrit J [Author]

    Publisher Waanders Uitgevers
    Year of publication 1995

    Dutch (main text)

    Medium Book

    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Benelux

    Scope & contentForeword by W.F.H. Smeenk, chairman of the Overijssel Mills Foundation.The first chapter is entitled ‘Bird’s eye view of mills’, illustrating the various types of mills of the region with photographs and diagrams. It describes the operation of water- and windmills used for grinding grain, as well as oil-presses. Undershot and overshot mills are compared, and the use of paddle-wheels and screws is explained. Pawl-driven and base-mounted mills are compared. Horse-driven mills are described. A section deals with ‘construction and reconstruction’, and another with removal and dismantling. Conservation and the national inventory of mills are recounted. A further section deals with ‘Mills and the creation of energy’. The second chapter is entitled ‘Overijssel, rich in mills’, and covers provincial action to conserve mills, the use of expert knowledge, the polder-mills of Overijssel and their various types, the work of the Cramer company, iron-mills, a study of a hulling- and corn-mill in Twente, a tanning-mill in Zwolle, and oil-pressing mills. A final chapter provides an inventory of 81 mills of Overijssel, giving their location, year of construction, mode of construction, equipment and capacity, with illustrations.A further appendix lists the surviving remnants of ‘lost’ mills, followed by a bibliography. Credits are given in a final ‘Colophon’.

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