Power and performance of Roman water-mills: hydro-mechanical analysis of vertical-wheeled water-mills

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    Spain, R J [Author]
    Hawksley, Jeff [Author]

    Publisher British Archaeological Reports
    Year of publication 2008

    English (main text)

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    Energy & power > Development of technology
    Energy & power > Water power
    Energy & power > Watermills


    Scope & contentPart One: The dynamics of the water-mill and the limitations of evidence and analysis; Hydro-mechanical analysis.

    Part Two: Sites from France, Italy, Jordan, England, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Roman tide mills and Roman floating mills.

    Part Three: Mill production; Incidence; Machine efficiency (including table of efficiency); The natural phenomena which tend to accelerate technological evolution; Theories of evolution (including table of types of Roman vertical waterwheels).

    Appendix One: Gear ratio changing options.

    Appendix Two: Roman millstone dress.

    Appendix Three: Terminology (including diagrams).

    Appendix Four: Ancient sources on rations of flour and bread for slaves, soldiers and plebs.

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