Selected Aspects of the History of the Ressler Mill

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    Marquet, Cynthia [Author]

    Publisher Ressler Mill Foundation
    Year of publication 1997

    English (main text)

    Medium Book
    SeriesRessler Mill Foundation Heritage Series
    No. in series1

    Cereal processes > Flour milling
    People and communities > People, families & firms


    Scope & contentA volume highlighting selected aspects of the Mascot Roller mills or the Ressler family history in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

    This volume by Cynthia Marquet is a comprehensive history of the owners of the Ressler Mill tract dating from 1715. Maps by cartographer John A. Parmer show changes in property boundaries through the centuries. The volume also reviews the milling machinery as the mill changed from a water wheel-powered mill to a turbine-powered mill. It also includes brief information about the Ressler family, who operated the mill for three generations, and some early photographs of the mill. (25 pages)

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