County maps of Jefferys and Bryant: Buckinghamshire in the 1760s and 1820s

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    Bryant, A [Author]
    Jefferys, Thomas [Author]
    Laxton, Paul [Author]

    Publisher Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society
    Year of publication 2000

    English (main text)

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    Arts and culture > Maps and Plans

    Scope & contentA facsimile of several Jefferys and Bryant's maps of Buckinghamshire with an introduction by Paul Laxton from the University of Liverpool.

    Contains two loose sheets; one a list of parishes in the southern half of Buckinghamshire, the other a map of Buckinghamshire drawn on tracing paper, indicating the presence of watermills, windmills, millwrights and bakers. Page 30 contains another smaller sheet of tracing paper.

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