Survey of mills in Delaware County, Pennsylvania 1826-1880

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    Case, Robert P [Author]

    Publisher Delaware Community College and Delaware County Historical Society
    Year of publication 1994

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    Wind & watermills > Rest of the World (not Europe) > USA

    Scope & contentThis publication is part of the Mills Project, a collaborative effort of Delaware Community College and Delaware County Historical Society.
    Formally entitled 'Manufacturing capital of the continent: the Philadelphia region from the colonized period to 1876', the Mills Project enlisted the cooperation of twenty-eight other organizations in the Delaware Valley to run a series of public lectures, tours, conferences, workshops and exhibitions.
    The Mills Project was designed to foster greater understanding by the general public of the local history of the area and particularly the development of its mills and milling.
    Following a general introduction, the survey reproduces data on all the mills in the Delaware Valley organised in six lists organised by Location, Type of Mill; Owners, Creek, Product, and Reference Number. There is also a map of the 1826 Survey with a key. The historical sources used were: A Statistical Account of Mills, Mill Seats and Manufactures on Water Power in Delaware County (1826); Federal Manufacturing Census, 1850; Federal Manufacturing Census, 1860; Textile Industries of Philadelphia, List of Power Mills and Machinery on Textile Fabrics, representing the Wool, Worsted, Cotton, Silk and Linen Manufactures of Philadelphia, 1880; An Historical Sketch of Chester on Delaware by Henry G. Ashmead, 1883. A description of these sources and the data that was extracted.

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