Rebel girls: their fight for the vote

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    Liddington, Jill [Author]

    Publisher Virago Press
    Year of publication 2006

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    Scope & contentThis book provides the narrative and images of a little known chapter in the life of E. M. (Emilie Montgomery) Gardner, whose collection of watermill images is held at the Mills Archive. E. M. Gardner was an organiser for the NUWSS: National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies. In the late summer of 1908, E. M. Gardner joined a four week caravan tour of Yorkshire, led by Margaret Robertson. This tour is described on pages 205-210 of this book, with a postcard image of Miss Gardner standing next to the caravan on page 209. The tour began in Whitby on 21 August 1908, wending its way through towns and villages in the North York Moors and the Vale of Pickering before reaching Scarborough and Bridlington, where E. M. Gardner spoke to the crowd. The tour continued to Beverley, through the Yorkshire Wolds to Malton before concluding in September in Pickering. In a message to her sister, E.M. Gardner indicates her plan to go to the Newcastle by-election afterwards. Drawing on new evidence, the author tells the story of the Women's Suffrage campaigners who took their message across the north of England from Leeds to the remotest Yorkshire dales and fishing harbour. It provides new insights into the history of suffrage between 1902 and 1910, prior to the mass demonstrations and protests between 1911 and 1914. Although the campaign had begun and thrived in the northern textile industry, they were joined by educated women, like E. M. Gardner, Cambridge graduate. The book is divided into five parts: Part One - Dawn 1903-1906; Part Two - Landscapes and communities 1906-1907; Part Three - Hearts and minds 1907-1911; Part Four - Mavericks and democrats 1911-1914; Part Five: Afterwards - 1914-2005.

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