Tale of two mills: Spindlestone and Waren 1735-1914

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    Bowen, Jane [Author]
    Ives, Karen [Author]

    Publisher Berwick-upon-Tweed Record Office and Belford & District Hidden History
    Year of publication 2017

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    Wind & watermills > England > Northumberland


    Scope & contentThis book tells the story of Spindlestone and Waren Mills and the determined and partially successful attempt to bring industrialisation to North Northumberland.

    The authors used the extensive Greenwich Hospital Records relating to the history of Spindlestone Mill and the original and transcribed material of John Smeaton's drawings and letters for the design and building of Waren Mill.

    This account shows how men at the forefront of industrial developments, such as John Smeaton, helped build Waren Mill; how a series of entrepreneurial tenants used both mills to make important contributions to the economy of the area for over a century; and some of the triumphs and tragedies experienced by the people living there.

    The introduction outlines the history of the owners of Spindlestone Estate and its mill from the Norman Conquest to the 1730's under the reign of George II when the estate was sold to Greenwich Hospital . The book is then divided into two parts: Part 1 covers the period 1735-1857 and Part 2 covers the period 1857 to 1914. References to original source material; Glossary; Bibliography; Index of People and Places.The book contains many illustrations, diagrams, drawings, tables and photographs.

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    Divisions within this publication

    • 1: Greenwich Hospital takes charge 1735
    • 2: Spindleston Mill 1735-1783
    • 3: Plans for a mill at Waren 1783
    • 4: Building the water course 178-1784
    • 5: The making of the mill 1783-1785
    • 6: Problems and disasters 1785-1788
    • 7: Prosperity and expansion 1789-1799
    • 8: Decline and failure 1800-1810
    • 9: The Fraser and Gregson years 1810-1820
    • 10: The Nairns take over 1821-1834
    • 11: Growth and success 1834-1846
    • 12: Growing problems and ultimate failure 1847-1857
    • 13: George Henderson 1857-1859
    • 14: Henry Ogle Short 1858-1878
    • 15: Thomas Black Short 1878-1914
    • 16: Adulterated Flour
    • 17: Depression of English agriculture 1873-1896