Klostermühle Heiligenrode

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    English titleHeiligenrode monastery mill
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    Franke, Rudolf [Author]
    Lörbert, Wolfgang [Author]
    Rust, Hartmut [Author]

    Publisher Gemeinde Stur
    Year of publication 1985

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


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    A guide to the watermill ensemble originally built for the Benedictine monastery of Heiligenrode. At its heart is the watermill itself, built in 1843; it also contains the millpond, a bakery and the miller’s house.
    It starts with a general introduction to milling, then describes the mill in the monastery and its evolution. The first period, up to 1778, covers its ownership by the monastery, when it was used as a fulling mill as well as for grain, and later by the local duke. The mill became independent in 1778, when it was in urgent need of repair. It was torn down in 1843.
    The booklet lists the millers from 1778 until the last one gave up in 1971.The next section describes the different buildings in the ensemble, which is followed by a section on the milling techniques, which enabled the mill to grind cereal for flour or for animal fodder.The softcover book is illustrated with photos and diagrams.

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