Führung durch eine Greetsieler Windmühle

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English titleGerman mill guides 1: guide to a Greetsiel windmill
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Becker, Gisela [Author]
Brüning, Heiko [Author]
Schoof, Lükko [Author]

Publisher Vereinigung zur Erhaltung der Wind- und Wassermühlen in Niedersachsen und Bremen
Year of publication 1990

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SeriesDeutsche Mühlenführer:
No. in series1

Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland

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Booklet describing a cap winder which is still in operation grinding corn. A mill has stood in the same location since 1678, and has a total of six floors.

The text describes in detail the process of grinding cereal to flour and of hulling and the mechanics of the mill.It is illustrated with black-and-white photos and has a cross-section of the mill on the inside back cover.

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