Windmühlen in Holland

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    English titleWindmills in Holland
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    Braay, C P [Author]

    Publisher Kooijman

    German (main text)

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Benelux


    Scope & contentSummary Translation

    German translation from Dutch about mills in the Netherlands. After an introduction about the historical importance of different kinds of mill to the Dutch economy and the many old paintings of them, the booklet describes the principles of different types of water and windmill.

    The windmills illustrated are post mills, wip mills, meadow mills, tjaskers, paltrok mills, groundsailers, gallery mills, mound mills, tour mills, and wooden and stone cap winders.

    It goes on to describe how mills work, both those that grind corn and those used for drainage. The booklet ends with illustrations of the setting of the sails to convey messages, the decoration of mills for occasions such as weddings, and a brief description of wind turbines.

    The final pages and back cover provide details for visiting mills, including a map showing their locations as of 1994.The booklet is illustrated with colour photos and two diagrams.

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