Wie man Wasserräder baut

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    English titleHow to build water wheels
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    Brüdern, Richard [Author]

    Publisher The author
    Year of publication 2006

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    Arts, culture and heritage > Traditional millwrighting


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    A guide to building water wheels, starting with a list of frequently used formula symbols and a brief overview of different systems. The main sections deal with: theory; water flow; what to bear in mind; big wheels and little wheels; the historical evolution of water wheels; Leupold water wheels; from the shroud-and-float wheel to the breast wheel; 19th century wheels; the hydrodynamic screw; norias; construction methods.

    The soft-cover book is copiously illustrated with diagrams, tables and a few photos. Inside the front cover is a handwritten signed card from the author addressed to Mr Hawkesley.

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