Per Pedal von Mühle zu Mühle: 6 Touren in Bremen und umzu

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    English titleBy bike from mill to mill: 6 routes in Bremen and neighbourhood
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    Maresch, Hans-Jürgen [Author]

    Publisher Handelskrankenkasse and Bausparkasse der Sparkasse Bremen
    Year of publication 1993

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


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    Free booklet for cyclists with details of six routes in the Bremen area each of which will take them round a number of wind and/or water mills, many of which have now been converted to other uses. Each route is described in detail, with brief information about the mills and other sights, photos and a sketch map. Most of the routes are between 50 and 60 km.

    The booklet is designed as a challenge: each route has a question to be answered by cyclists wishing to enter a prize draw open to anyone who has completed at least four of the routes by the end of October 1993.The inside back cover contains sketches of six different kinds of windmill. There are also tips about biking safety. There is a loose sheet to be filled in by cyclists entering the draw.

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