Kleinwindkraftanlagen zur Stromerzeugung

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    English titleSmall wind turbines for generating electricity
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    Ladener, Heinz [Author]

    Publisher ökobuch
    Year of publication 1980

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    Generation of Electricity > Windpower


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    A report on the testing of a 200 watt wind generator produced for the working group on applied technology of the Kassel technical college.

    It covers the use of wind energy; test of the Winco Windcharger 200 W turbine; winds at the erection site; description of the equipment; assembly of the turbine; the electric parts; measurements on the Windcharger; observations and proposals; cost of wind-generated electricity; what it can be used for; combining wind turbines with other off-grid facilities.

    The soft-cover booklet contains a wealth of photos, diagrams, graphs and tables.

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