Die Glinder Mühle als Walke und Kupferhammer

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    English titleThe Glinde mill as fulling mill and copper hammer
    Authors & editors

    Lange, Wolfgang [Author]

    Publisher Verlag Hans Jürgen Böckel
    Year of publication 1985

    German (main text)

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    Booklet about the water mill in Glinde, in Schleswig-Holstein, which was rescued from demolition in 1981 when it was bought by the town and converted into a museum. The mill goes back to 1648, but there were already many others on the same river, used for different purposes.

    The Glinde mill was used for chamois leather: the process of leather making is described. It then goes on to describe the millers and their contracts. Tanning stopped in 1678 and the mill then started beating copper: the text describes the technology. It also mentions the problems with water, which meant that the mill did not make a lot of money. In its history it has also been used for dyewood and for corn.There is information about the milling families contained in different parts of the booklet.

    The booklet is illustrated throughout with historical maps and diagrams.

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