Rund um die Mühle

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    English titleAll about mills
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    Ptuschkina, Galina [Author]

    Publisher VEB Fachbuchverlag
    Year of publication 1983

    German (main text)

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    Economics & commerce > Feeding the World


    Scope & contentSummary Translation
    The first section covers the historical development of mills.

    The second section, entitled “From grain to flour” and which makes up the bulk of the book, covers various aspects of grain, storage and milling, flour and monitoring in the laboratory. Although the front cover has a picture of a windmill, the information pertains to industrial milling.

    The brief third section looks at the automation of flour production, while the fourth section is a brief look into the future of milling.The second section is illustrated with diagrams. This is a paperback book.

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    • Notes: Summary TranslationGerman translation and adaptation of a Russian original (Chudo-melnitsa = miracle mill) first published in Moscow in 1978.