Wie nutze ich Windenergie in Haus und Garten

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    English titleHow I use wind energy in the house and garden
    Authors & editors

    Hanus, Bo [Author]

    Publisher Franzis’ Verlag
    Year of publication 2001

    German (main text)

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    Generation of Electricity > Windpower
    Energy & power > Solar power

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    A guide to building small wind generators. It covers: cost advantage; how wind generators work; types of turbine; location; what to look for in buying a generator; assembly; electrical installation; storage batteries; extra low-voltage load; power for gardens and allotments; power for garages and carports; power for small holiday homes; combining solar and wind energy; several wind generators used in parallel; wind generators connected to the grid; inverters and transformers; regulations; self-built wind turbines.The book is copiously illustrated with photos, diagrams and tables.

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