Windmühlen im Selbstbau

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    English titleBuilding a windmill yourself
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    Brink, Hans-Werner [Author]

    Publisher Forschungsinstitut für sanfte Technologie

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    Energy & power > Wind power


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    Handbook printed on 100% recycled paper promoted the use of wind energy written in simple language with the aim of being understood by non-specialists.

    It starts with the history of the use of wind power, then describes different kinds of windmill and wind turbine. It goes on to consider how to calculate the energy required and produced, and then deals with the technology of windmills, before going on to the use of wind power for such things as water pumps, heating water, grinding, and electricity production, and concluding with the principles of the construction of different types and components.

    The manual ends with a list of manufacturers, associations, exhibitions, books and magazines, including magazines and construction guides in English. The final pages contain a description of the Research Institute for Soft Technology, the publisher.The book contains numerous diagrams, photos and equations.

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