Paper pioneers

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    Hands, Joan [Author]
    Hands, Roger [Author]

    Publisher Dacorum Heritage Trust
    Year of publication 2008

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    Manufacturing > Paper
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    Scope & contentThis book tells the story of John Gamble, Henry and Sealy Fourdrinier and Brian Donkin who developed and patented paper making machines at Frogmore Mill (formerly Convent Mill) and Two Waters Mill at Apsley, Hertfordshire. James Dickinson (1782-1869), paper maker and his nephew Sir John Evans who ran John Dickinson & Co, machine paper makers and stationary manufacturers at paper mills along the Gade and Bulbourne rivers in Herfordshire, as well as branching out worldwide. The company created over 500 trademarks of well-known brands of paper such as the Lion brand, Challenge duplicate books and Three Candlesticks. They also acquired others such as Basildon Bond. The Post Office in collaboration with Dickinson's created Postman Pat. The British Paper Company took over making waste and recycled paper and continues to make bespoke paper on the steam driven Fourdrinier machine. Chapters also included on the millworkers, child labour, wartime and the fire brigades. The mill is now part of the Paper Trail educational centre.

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