Windmühlen: Windräder und Windturbinen als Windkraftmaschinen

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    English titleWindmills: wind wheels and wind turbines as wind power generating machines
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    Neumann, Friedrich [Author]

    Publisher Reprint Verlag Leipzig

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    Energy & power > Wind power


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    Reprint of a book first published in Leipzig in 1907 (in Roman script), itself an updated edition of an original nearly a quarter of a century older.

    The 1907 version is edited by Martin Conrad.It is a handbook for the construction of windmills, wind turbines and wind wheels to be used for milling, sawing and agricultural machinery for draining and irrigation with pumps, screws and scoop wheels.

    A brief historical and scientific introduction is followed by detailed instructions on the different types of mills and turbines, how to choose their locations and the calculations involved in their construction.It ends with a chapter on seven different manufacturers, and the use of wind motors for generating electricity and their use in agriculture and manufacturing.

    The book is illustrated with detailed diagrams and tables.

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