Water mills of the Derbyshire Wye

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    Roberts, Alan [Author]

    Publisher A. F. Roberts
    Year of publication 2010

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    Scope & contentThe River Wye in Derbyshire is 20 miles long with at least 25 mill sites identified along its length. Corn mills have been in operation on the Wye since the Domesday Survey in 1086. Three water-powered cotton mills in the 1780's provided work for over 1000 people and brought major changes to the course of the river and the Wye Valley.

    The mill locations are described in general and a table of mill sites is provided. There is a detailed chapter on the corn mills at Buxton, Ashwood Dale, Wye Dale, Millers Dale, Monsal Dale, Ashford, Bakewell, Rowsley (Caudwell's Mill). Another chapter examines the textile (cotton) mills at Cromford, . The last chapter describes the other uses of water to power saw mills, a comb mill, fulling mills, lead processing mills, the marble processing mills at Ashford, pumping mills for the water supply and electricity generation. Mill remains are described and a detailed bibliography is provided.

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