Quinze Anys Dels Premis D’Investigació « Ciutat de Palma » (1970-1984)

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    English titleFifteen Years Of Research Award: "City of Palma" (1970-1984)
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    Carbonero, Antònia [Author]

    Publisher Ajuntament de Palma
    Year of publication 1986

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    Wind & watermills by Region > Other Europe (not GB) > Mediterranean countries & Portugal

    Scope & contentSummary Translation:
    A journal on water mills in Mallorca. Discusses water mills from the medieval period onwards. Includes information about the island. Presents a study on their origins, the evolution of the technology, and constructive typologies.

    The first mills in Mallorca were constructed in the thirteenth century, after the conquest of the island in 1229. Discusses the conquest. Mentions the written documents found in Mallorca that mention mills developed there, (the Llibre del Repartiment). Includes a section on the distribution of the water mills across the island.

    Divides into sections for individual mills found in all the regions across the island. Gives the history of each mill, its date of construction where known, the setting, its purpose and function etc. Includes a section on mills in Mallorca of “Arab” origin.

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