Les moulins à eau du Hainaut et des Flandres.

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    English titleWater Mills of Hainaut and Flanders
    Authors & editors

    Desart, Robert [Author]
    Haulot, Arthur [Author]

    Year of publication 1968

    French (main text)

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Benelux


    Scope & contentSummary translation:

    A guide to the water mills of the Hainaut and Flanders provinces of Belgium. Divided into subsections- the section on Hainaut is divided into sections on the suburbs of the province. Suburbs included: ATH, Lessines, Charleroi, Mons, Soignies, Thuin, Tournai, Flanders- divided into sections on the province (alphabetically) include: Flandre Orientale- Alost, Audenarde, Gand, Termonde,

    Gives information on the lost mills of Flandre Occidentale. Includes an introduction written by the author- illustrating the project. Includes illustrations of each mill. Includes the name, the location (e.g. municipality), the source of water for the mill, and items of interest related to the mills. Information on whether the mills are still active/ being used.

    Also gives the date of construction where known For example; the Moulin de Bilhee, situated on the path to Bilhee (Chemin de Bilhee) is run by the river Dendre. It is no longer in use; mentions leprosy. Some mills are still in use but are not being run by water anymore. Some names are French, others German/ Dutch. Includes an insert giving information on a mill (Meldert) written in Dutch/ German. Includes a photograph of the mill.

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