Les moulins à vent autour d’Orléans au XIX ème siècle. Tome 1: Les cantons d’Orléans. 1990.: Orléans, Chécy, Ingré & Olivet. Regard sur 24 communes et leurs 163 moulins à vent (look at 24 communes and their 163 windmills)

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    English titleNineteenth Century Windmills around Orleans. Volume/ Tome 1. The Townships of Orléans
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    Grange, Gérard [Author]

    Year of publication 1990

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    Wind & watermills by Region > Other Europe (not GB) > France

    Scope & contentSummary Translation:
    A collection of information on 24 communes and 163 windmills across the city of Orléans in the centre of the Centre-Val de Loire region. Gives a history of the impact of the Second World War on the city and the difficulties in obtaining archival materials.

    Gives information on Orléans during the 19th century and how the area evolved: population growth and reduction, employment- especially industrial including millers. Gives information on the Industrial Revolution. Specifically windmills- a lack of substantial modifications to the structures of mills.

    Mentions how some mill workers were forced to make some modifications as the wings of the windmills could cause injuries to people, and animals- particularly sheep, pigs and chickens who ventured inside windmills, and the surrounding areas. Includes sections on Orléans and surrounding areas including: Chécy, Ingré and Olivet. Includes information from other journals from the period (Industrial Revolution and beyond). The number of windmills increased during the first half of the 19th century but gradually began to decline, particularly in the second half of the 19th century.

    Discusses the reasons for this, and the sources of information. Includes a section on the 20th century to the ‘present day.’ Examines how many wind mills were in the region and why. Includes letters written at the time, including an example written to the Secretary of State for Finance. Includes information from journals and other written sources on specific mills in the area from the 1700’s. Also includes accounts of accidents and deaths at the mills. Includes street maps (including grid references), historical articles and family trees of millwrights and mill workers around the region. Includes photographs and photocopies of postcards. Provides information on regional differences in the structures across the area.
    KeywordsFrance, Textiles, Cereals, Family history, People, Archaeology & history

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