Moulins de la Martinique

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    English titleMills of Martinique
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    Jean-Baptiste, Nicaise [Author]
    Joseph, Yves-André [Author]
    Darsières, Camille [Author]

    Publisher Association Régionale des Amis des Moulins de la Martinique

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    Food (non-cereal) processes > Sugar


    Scope & contentSynopsis: History of mills on Martinique Island, an island in the Caribbean.
    Gives a brief history of the organisation, Les Moulins de la Martinique de l’Association Régionale des Amis de la Martinique (the regional association of the friends of Martinique).Talks about “New Age” mills from the time of the colonisation of the island.
    Talks about trading of cotton, tobacco (pétun), roucou (a tree plant), ginger and indigo.
    Also discusses wind and water mills on the island, and the development of different types of wheels needed to operate the sugar mills. Includes information on the development of mill related technology from Archimedes to the present day. Includes a map of the mill sites across the island.

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