Hovis: celebrating 120 years

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    Opie, Robert [Author]

    Publisher RHM plc
    Year of publication 2006

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    Cereal processes > Baking & bread


    Scope & contentWritten to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the Hovis Brand and to all those associated with Hovis since 1886. The story begins in 1886 when Richard 'Stoney' Smith found a way to separate wheatgerm from the flour, lightly cook it and return it to the flour without losing its nutritional value. Richard Smith joined up with Thomas Fitton, owner of a large milling business in Macclesfield and they registered the patent of 'Smiths' Patent Process Germ Flour'. This name was too cumbersome to remember, so a national competition was held and the winner, Herbert Grime, suggested Hovis from the Latin Hominis Vis meaning 'strength of man'. The Hovis brand was born. This book traces the history of the brand to 2006 with many colour illustrations of advertisements and marketing campaigns.

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    • Notes: Contained a press cutting dated 20 March 2012 about Premier Food financial losses including a £282m writedown of the value of Hovis - one of Premier's biggest divisions [added to the Press Cuttings Database]