Centenary of the firm of R & H Strickland, Dartford, Kent

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    Year of publication 1951

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    Scope & contentTraces the history of R & H Strickland, corn merchants of Dartford from 1851 to 1951. The business was bought by Samuel Strickland from John Wilding in 1851. The Wildings had been in business as corn merchants since the 1790's. This booklet is not so much a history of the business as a series of recollections about the mills along the River Darenth between Sevenoaks and Dartmouth, and the millers and corn merchants of Dartford. The Stricklands mainly traded in oats. When the need for oats decreased with increasing agricultural mechanisation and the use of tractors, the Stricklands introduced seed cleaning machines at the New Wharf (replaced the OId Wharf that burnt down in 1915). When the Old Wharf burnt down, they temporarily moved offices to the old Hills & Hards Mill where they restored the waterwheel. However, the wheel collapsed and an electric motor was installed for power. A New Wharf was built on the old premises in 1920. The company was still in business in 1951.

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