Directory of Suffolk millers 1086 - 1986

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    Blythe, Eileen [Author]

    Publisher History Research
    Year of publication 2017

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    Wind & watermills > England > Suffolk
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    Scope & contentThis booklet is divided into five sections and comprise lists of the names of Suffolk millers and millwrights extracted from a variety of different sources including: Rentals for Bury St Edmunds (1547), Mildenhall (1501) and Woodbridge (1526 and 1547); town directories; the Domesday Book; Suffolk Record Society Book of Wills volumes 29, 35, 37, and 58; records found in the archives of Kings College, Cambridge and Suffolk County Archives; family history research from members of Suffolk Family History Society; Suffolk Family History Society Burial Index; Suffolk Family History Society book of Wills and Beneficiaries 1847-1857; Apprenticeship Bonds, Leases, Settlement Orders and Wills.

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