Windmühlen: Symbole einer Landschaft in Oldenburg, Ostfriesland, im Emsland und Osnabrücker Land

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English titleWindmills: symbols of the landscape in Oldenburg, East Frisia, Emsland and the Osnabrück region
Authors & editors

Popken, Adolf [Author]
Rodiger, Hans-Bernd [Author]
Hashagen, Ingo [Author]

Publisher Verlag C. L. Mettcker & Söhne
Year of publication 1986

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Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


Scope & contentVolume 1 Oldenberg & Harlingerland region

Summary Translation
The book starts with an illustrated introduction to the different types of windmill, a reproduction of a Wilhelm Busch tale of a wicked miller, and a brief description of the development of technology and the decline of mills.The main body of the book describes in more detail the mills in the areas of Oldenburg and the Harlingerland in Lower Saxony. It gives the history of the building and the milling families and the current state of each mill.The book ends with a labelled diagram of a gallery mill, instances of mills used in decoration, photos of modern millers and the oath taken by an 18th century miller. The book is richly illustrated with photos of the buildings, mechanisms, landscapes. There is a map of the area showing the mills in the inside front cover.

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