Müller und Mühlen im alten Staat Luzern

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    English titleMillers and mills in the old canton of Lucerne
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    Dubler, Anne-Marie [Author]

    Publisher Rex Verlag, Lucerne and Munich
    Year of publication 1978

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


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    A history of the mills in the rural areas of Lucerne, covering:Mills in the manorial system, the awarding of rights to millers and their obligationsThe owners of mills and their tenants, and the dues they owed.Mills and their relations with the village.The equipment of mills: the water supply, the machinery, and auxiliary jobs.

    The working conditions of millers: training, hours, service to customers, income.The social status of the miller, his relationship to the authorities, his reputation.The appendix contains details of the Lütolf von Triengen famila of millers over 200 years; an inventory of mills in 1695.The book contains some historical pictures and maps. There is a map of the mills and their 1695 taxation capacity in a pocket in the back cover.

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