Die Bockwindmühle im Westfälischen Freilichtmuseum, Detmold

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    English titleThe post mill in the Westphalia open air museum in Detmold
    Authors & editors

    Grossmann, G Ulrich [Author]
    Schulte, Ingrid [Author]

    Publisher Westfälisches Freilichtmuseum, Detmold
    Year of publication 1986

    German (main text)

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    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Germany, Austria & Switzerland


    Scope & contentSummary Translation
    A detailed description of the post mill which originally stood in the village of Gross Lobke in what was then the principality of Hildesheim, very close to the border with Hanover. It was moved to the Detmold museum in 1978.
    The first section of the book describes the historical background and the regulations governing mills, before applying this to the Gross Lobke mill itself.
    The second section starts by describing in great detail at the original construction of the mill, which ceased operation in 1958 and its subsequent reconstruction.
    This is followed by a glossary of technical terms, and a list of surviving windmills in Westphalia.It goes on to quote historical sources in the form of official documents, photos of which it also reproduces.It ends with a series of illustrations, both drawings and photos, of the old mill and its reconstruction, followed by photos of other post mills in Westphalia and the southern part of Lower Saxony.The book is richly illustrated throughout.

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