Handbuch des Müllers und Mühlenbauers

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    English titleManual for millers and millwrights
    Authors & editors

    Sacher, R [Author]

    Publisher Verlag Deutscher Müller, Leipzig
    Year of publication 1921

    German (main text)

    Medium Book

    Repair & construction of mills


    Scope & contentSummary Translation

    Manual in Gothic script. After brief coverage of the history of milling and types of grain, weeds and diseases, it describes in great detail the milling process and the design and maintenance of the grinding mechanism, before going on consider windmills, water mills and mills powered by different sorts of combustion.

    The final chapters contain a guide to mathematics and bookkeeping for millers, followed by a list of foreign words used in articles about milling and their German equivalents, and several pages of advertisements for mill-related equipment.There are copious illustrations, diagrams, tables and equations. It contains a general index plus an index of key words.

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