Mühlen in Südflandern

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    English titleMills in southern Flanders
    Authors & editors

    Dezitter, J [Author]

    Publisher Franz Westphal Verlag, Wolfshagen-Scharbeutz
    Year of publication 1953

    German (main text)

    Medium Book

    Wind & watermills > Other Europe (not GB) > Benelux


    Scope & contentSummary Translation

    German translation of a book that first appeared in French in 1938. It starts by defining the area of southern Flanders, and then describes the origin of the mills there. Windmills reached Flanders by the 12th century, but most date from the 18th. It describes the style and location of the mills, then considers their names and the poetry associated with them.
    It then looks in more detail at corn mills and the role of millers. It considers water mills, and ends by looking at the decline in milling.The book is richly illustrated with black-and-white engravings by the author.

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