Corn milling

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Watts, Martin [Author]

Publisher Shire
Year of publication 2008

English (main text)

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Scope & contentThis book presents the story of corn milling, exploring the history of the buildings and technology from earliest times to the modern day. Separate chapters look at the types of grain that are milled, the preparation of the grain for milling, the process of milling using millstones and roller mills, and other processes to refine the flour, and storage and transportation of flour. The life and work of millers and millwrights is described.

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  • Notes: Shire album 98, First published 1983, redesigned 1998

Divisions within this publication

  • 1: Types of grain
  • 2: History of corn milling
  • 3: Transport and storage
  • 4: Preparation for milling
  • 5: Millstones
  • 6: Roller mills
  • 7: Sieving, dressing and grading
  • 8: The finished product
  • 9: Millers and millwrights
  • 10: Mills to visit