Archaeology of mills and milling

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    Watts, Martin [Author]

    Publisher Tempus
    Year of publication 2002

    English (main text)

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    Industrial history & industrial archaeology


    Scope & contentThis book traces the developments in mills and milling from prehistory through Roman, Anglo-Saxon and later medieval times, to the post-medieval and modern centuries.

    The author interprets the archaeological evidence and, for the later period, the documentary sources and above-ground remains to piece together the history of British molinology (mills and milling). The emphasis is on the development and use of artefacts and machines for grinding grain, their place in the historic landscape and in the production of essential food.

    The book includes chapters on: querns; Roman mills and millstones; horizontal wheels, early Irish and Anglo-Saxon mills; medieval watermills; medieval windmills, horse mills and industrial mills; post-medieval mills; recording mills.

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