Where have all the flour mills gone?: a history of W. S. Kimpton and Sons, Flour Millers 1875 to 1980

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    Lewis Jones, W [Author]

    Publisher Flourmillers' Council of Victoria
    Year of publication 1984

    English (main text)

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    Cereal processes > Flour milling > Commercial millers
    Wind & watermills > Rest of the World (not Europe) > Oceania


    Scope & contentThe author was a cereal chemist and food technologist who joined WS Kimpton & Sons after the Second World War. This book incorporates the story of W. S. Kimpton & Sons from into the history of flour and feed milling in Victoria, Australia.

    This account describes the rise and fall of the industry, which in the 1930's made Australia the largest flour exporter in the world but rapidly declined from the 1950's due to overseas governments subsidizing export flour sales, particularly in Europe and the USA, and to the construction of mills in countries that were major importers of Australian flour.

    The book also highlights the introduction of science into the milling industry just before the Second World War. The company history traces the central characters throughout their lifetimes beginning with William Stephen Kimpton (born 1832), founder of the company, who emigrated to Australia from Cambridgeshire, England, along with four brothers and a sister between 1848 and 1854.

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