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Be a Mills Detective

Can you help us identify these archive photos of Welsh mill sites? We have 10s of thousands of mill images on our catalogue. Unfortunately, many of these are left unidentified or misidentified for various reasons. We need some keen eyes to help us put names and locations to these mill sites.

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Each month we will publish a selection of mill photos based on a theme for you to help us identify. We begin with these Welsh mill sites. You can click on the images to view the catalogue entry for each image. You can see more unidentified Welsh mill sites here.

This windmill photo comes from the Don Paterson Collection and is dated 1885/1895. It could possibly be located on Anglesey (reference code DONP-01131):

This watermill is possibly located in Montgomeryshire. It comes from the E M Gardner Collection (reference code EMGC-04-25-37):

This attractive watermill scene also comes from E M Gardner’s collection and is possibly in Merionethshire (reference code EMGC-04-12-01):

Frank Gregory took this photo of a tower mill stump, possibly in Anglesey, in September 1983 (reference code FWGC-1114154):

Frank Gregory also took this photo of a derelict tower mill posibly in Anglesey (reference code FWGC-1112686):

This watermill photo was taken by E M Gardner in November 1954. The only information we have is that it was located on a road south of Conwy, Caernarfonshire (reference code EMGC-04-25-73):

If you can identify any of these Welsh mill sites, please send your information, including the image Reference Code (e.g. EMGC-04-25-73), to