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Threat to Painshill Park

Painshill Park is threatened by Highways England plans to improve the M25 junction with the A3. You can help the Park and join RHS Wisley, CPRE and others by signing the petition to persuade the developers to rethink their plans.

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Noted for its landscapes and the lake, Painshill is proud of its waterwheel repaired 30 years ago to lift water from the river to provide the water which allowed the 14 acre lake to be created. The original wooden waterwheel, designed by Charles Hamilton, was 35m in diameter. The raised water travelled underground to the rustic cascade, where it then trickled down into the lake.

Please sign the petition here: Protect Painshill from A3 development.

More information: The threat is from Highways England and their agents, Atkins, relates to their wanting to widen the A3  both west and east bound in it’s approaches to the M25 junction, approx 1 mile to the west of Painshill’s western boundary. Further west Wisley too, is affected. Historically, Painshill’s  C18 boundary was approximately along the centre line of the A3, the estate including what is now the west bound carriageway, along the length of the estate. This was evidenced by the C18 trees which survived on the former central reservation until the early 90s when Highways England started their A3 widening At that time thye were already threatening to build a road  inside Painshill, so these assaults on the boundary have been going on for a long time.

Painshill is now a Grade 1 historic landscape, almost fully restored, for public benefit and must be protected.

There are other options which Highways could consider.