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My final blog!

This is my final day at the Archive! It feels like yesterday that I was writing my first ever blog and getting to grips with work here, and now I’m saying goodbye. It has gone so unbelievably quickly!

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I’ve had such a great time over the past 12 weeks, I loved discovering all the gems hidden away and learning how they all connect to our milling heritage. The relaxed atmosphere at the office immediately made me comfortable and everyone made me feel welcome, which itself is rare in a workplace. Everyone here is so lovely and I know how lucky I was to get this internship.

Besides all this, what I have learnt is invaluable. The experience of working with actual professionals who specialise in my preferred area has been eye opening and I know I will take what I have learnt with me long after university. Definitely not just learning the difference between a post mill and smock mill! (Which, by the way, I now know).

While I won’t be around to see the final product that my gem writeups will create, I can’t wait to see how they’re used. I know they’re in safe hands! Thank you to everyone I’ve met over the past 12 weeks, and to anyone who’s helped me with feedback and ideas. I can’t thank you all enough! Most of all, thank you Liz, Ron and Mildred for giving me this opportunity. I can’t wait to see what goes on at the Archive in the future! Bye!