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Northwestern Miller journals arrive from the bindery

There was much excitement at the Mills Archive when the Northwestern Miller journals arrived from the Riley, Dunn & Wilson bindery in Scotland. The binding, along with the shelves for them, was made possible by funds from the Mercers’ Company.

Poster Image

There were 33 boxes to take off the van. Let’s see what they are like!

The quality of the binding is excellent and will protect this important journal for many years to come.  The bound journals are easy to handle and readable.

All hands to unpack onto the shelves and then sort the volumes into date order from 1897 to 1945.

We chose a burgundy cloth binding that fits the Mills Archive identity. As a finishing touch on each volume, the binders created a Mills Archive stamp using our logo as an imprint. 

The bookcase is full and there are still more volumes to come…