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Heage Windmill urgent repairs – can you help?

There has been a lot of behind the scenes action by Heage Windmill Society since the discovery, just over a month ago, of wet rot in the fan and the main supports for the cap and sails at Heage windmill. The extent of the damage has been largely determined and a course of action needed for the repair has been established.

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Sources of major funding such as the Heritage Lottery Fund and Heritage England have been contacted and various web and postal based routes for donations have been established – so far raising £15,000.

But the Society faces a bill of more than £90,000 to complete the work and need your help.

To find out more about the situation and to make a donation to what is a very worthy cause, please visit the Heage Windmill Society website here.

For the full story and update on progress with the repairs click here.

The Heage Windmill Society is a Heritage Partner. Why not visit their featured mill page to find out more about the mill’s history?