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Arthur C. Smith, 1924-2013, RIP

Arthur died on Tuesday 18th June at a residential home in Newton Abbot. A polymath with strong interests in windmills, music, natural history and aeroplanes, he was the fittest of mill researchers and will be mourned by many.

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As author and publisher of the definitive “county” series of windmill books, covering many of the windmills in the Southern and (with Wilfred Seaby) Midland regions of England, he has carved himself a niche in our molinological history.

His fourteen books have been a vital part of the library of all those interested in windmills and have acted as an exemplar for other authors.

He donated his extensive collection of research notes, slides and mill material to the Mills Archive in July 2002 when (in his own words at the age of 78) “he could no longer ride his bike”.

A detailed biography of this amazing man is available here.

Arthur was appointed our first ever life member of the Friends of the Mills Archive, a venture he supported wholeheartedly and which now provides a permanent home for all his windmill research.