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Mill Memories recalled

The SPAB Mills Section held its autumn meeting at the Mills Archive on Nov 26. Over 70 mill enthusiasts attended to hear six excellent talks on Kent watermills, horizontal waterwheels, two post mills, Ken Farries, a York roller mill and the new Archimedean screw at Mapledurham. The photo (from Sheila Viner) shows a small section of the audience listening to the talk on Brill and Stanton windmills.

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The speakers were respectively Alan Stoyel, Jeff Hawksley, Luke Bonwick, Michael Harverson, Rob Shorland-Ball and Mildred Cookson. Section Chairman, James Waterfield, thanked the Archive for providing the facilites free of charge and expressed the intention to hold another meeting at our site as soon as practicable.

The delegates appreciated the effort put in by the Mills Archive volunteers to make things flow smoothly and were made aware of the breadth and depth of our collections. A sale of second-hand and new books raised funds for the Section and the Archive.

The event was a great success and demonstrated how the Archive can do practical things to help the Mills Section as an acknowledgment of their support for us.