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So, what would you pay?

Did anyone else see the phenomenal amount of money spent on one windmill postcard on eBay this week? Fortunately there are still a lot of good postcards around for much less.

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Tp raise funds, the Mills Archive sometimes sells postcards (such as the one illustrated) on eBay. Of course they are all duplicates of ones they have and they are usually offered at 99p. Most go for between £3 and £15 – although the occasionally one will go for much more. You can see the windmills on offer at any one time here:

The better ones are offered first of all at fixed prices to Friends of the Mills Archive and many get snapped up for much less than they might fetch on eBay. At the moment a new batch of 11 cards, varying in price from £6 – £15 have been listed see for the images.