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Sustainable Energy Systems in LAC as a part of Energy SustainabilityTama, A; Tama, A S; Tama, V CAcademia Letters2022MayDigital
Speed, the forgotten cost reduction factor in the energyvan Wijk, A J M; Wouters, FrankAcademia Letters2022June Digital
Regenesis; Feeding the world without devouring the planetMonbiot, GeorgeAllen Lane2022Book
Digital-Preservation-for-Small-Businesses: an introductory guideDigital Preservation Coalition, TheArchives and Records Council Wales2022AugustDigital
Hornsea 2: North Sea wind farm claims title of world's largestFisher, JonahBBC News2022August 31Digital
Farmers warn Ukraine war will hit UK food pricesMeierhans, JenniferBBC News2022March 10Website
Berkshire Old and NewBrown, JonathanBerkshire Local History Association2022Journal
Building conservation directoryCathedral Communications2022Book
Professional archaeology: a guide for clientsChartered Institute for Archaeologists2022Book
Discovering Essex wind and water millsEssex Industrial Archaeology Group2022Book
ICA Copyright DeclarationInternational Council on Archives2022-Digital
IHA Hydropower Status ReportInternational Hydropower Association2022-Digital
Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries: How Women (Also) Built the WorldMosse, KateMantle2022Book
Milling journals of the past. Messrs J Davidson and Sons’ New Phoenix Flour Mills, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Part 2: The Phoenix expands and is transformedCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022JulyDigital
Milling journals of the past. The Platt Flour MillsCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. The Windmills of Long Island part 1Hodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2022JulyDigital
Vegetable oil crisis in EgyptMilling & Grain 2022JulyDigital
China agriculture outlook report (2022-2031)Milling & Grain 2022JulyDigital
Intelligent millsMilling & Grain 2022JulyDigital
Scotland the resourcefulMilling & Grain 2022JulyDigital
Argonauta. Part 7Antolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2022JulyDigital
Markets still raw with supply riskMilling & Grain 2022JulyDigital
Egypt has been looking to other sources to satisfy its wheatMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. The Windmills of Long Island Part 2Hodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Risks & opportunities. Ukraine, Turkey, the UN & Russia sign deal to unblock Ukrainian Grain exportsMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Rice flour bread. The increasing popularity of rice flour as an alternative to wheat flour in JapanMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Working safely at height. How to avoid personal injury & financial loss when completing tasks that require leaving the groundMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Markets still raw with supply riskMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Guttridge. When experience mattersMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Edible coffee cups. Addressing the urgent plastic waste problem with innovationMilling & Grain 2022AugustDigital
Milling journals of the past. Mr J Cooke’s Pinsley Mills, LeominsterCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Egypt continues to weather the impacts of significant global shocksMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Pilot of new wheat variety improves yield for Ethiopian farmersMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Black Sea Initiative Ukraine grain exports exceed one million tonnesMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Eccentric millers of oldHodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Evolution of grain & oilseed analysis methodsMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Argonauta. Part 8.1Antolini, SergioMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Economics of workplace safetyMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
Berte Qvarn. The natural choiceMilling & Grain 2022SeptemberDigital
World economy is in flux - as seen from a UK perspectiveGilbert, RogerMilling & Grain 2022OctoberDigital
Seed trade crucial to curb global food insecurityMilling & Grain 2022OctoberDigital
£1.5M crop research centre opens at University of WarwickMilling & Grain 2022DecemberDigital
Christy Turner & I’Anson. A relationship that spans over 45 years with flaking mills that are just as robustMilling & Grain 2022NovemberDigital
Milling journals of the past. The British engineering works of William Gardner and SonsCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022DecemberDigital
Research confirms the carbon footprint of New Zealand beef and lamb is amongst the lowest in the worldMilling & Grain 2022DecemberDigital
Infarm successfully demonstrates the potential of indoor-grown wheatMilling & Grain 2022DecemberDigital
Milling journals of the past. The Deseronto Flour Mills, CanadaCookson, Mildred MMilling & Grain 2022DecemberDigital
Rex Wailes Collection. Windmills of FinlandHodge, NathanaelMilling & Grain 2022DecemberDigital
Mühlenchemie improves baking with composite flourMilling & Grain 2022DecemberDigital
Ocrim Milling Hub. “Not just a mill”Milling & Grain 2022DecemberDigital