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Water powerHill, Josselin; Nixon, NigelQuarry Bank Mill Trust1987Book
Leffel turbine water wheel; Great economy of water powerPoole & Hunt, Baltimore, MD1879Book
Water Turbines and Pelton WheelsPitman, Cesar & Co, LondonBook
Water power in miningClaughton, PeterPeak District Mines Historical Society Ltd2004Book
Illustrated catalogue and price list of Wait's Hudson River Champion Turbine water wheelsP H Wait, Sandfy Hill, washington County, NY1882Book
Water power from WeissenburgOssberger-Turbinenfabrik1950Brochure, leaflet or poster
Waterdriven mills for grinding stone - vol 39 pp95-119Wailes, RexNewcomen Society1967Offprint/Journal Supplement
Observations on the history of water power - 19 AprilStowers, ArthurNewcomen Society1957Manuscript/Typescript
Gilkes's 1853 to 1975. 122 years of Water Turbine and Pump Manufacture (A History of the Firm of Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd.) - 12 MarchWilson, Paul N LordNewcomen Society1975Manuscript/Typescript
Cragside: the power circuitAspden, AlanNational Trust1988Book
Catalogue of clutches, turbines, governors, steam engines and sausage filling machinesN J H King & Co, Nailsworth, Glos1903Book
Water and energy resources of the Himalayan block (Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and India)Sharma, Chandra KMrs. Sangeeta SharmaBook
Steam engines and waterwheels: a pictorial study of some early mining machinesWoodall, Frank DMoorland Publishing1975Book
Fabricas Hidraulicas EspañolasTascon, Ignacio GonzàlezMinisterio de Obras Públicas y Urbanismo1992Book
Water power engineering: the theory, investigation and development of water powerMead, Daniel WMcGraw-Hill1908Book
Expériences sur la roues hydrauliques a axe vertical: et sur l'ecoulement de l'eau dans les coursiers et dans les buses de forme pyramidalePiobert, G; Tardy, A LLibrairie scientifique-industrielle de L. Mathias1840Book
Geschichte der WasserkraftnutzungEckholdt, Martin; Löber, Ulrich; Tönsmann, FrankLandesmuseum Koblenz1985Book
Obenchain's Improved Little Giant turbine water wheelKnowlton & Dolan, Logansport, IND1881Book
Turbine water-wheel tests and power tablesHorton, Robert EK.W. Inc.1981Book
Rudimentary treatise on the power of water as applied to drive flour mills and to give motion to turbines and other hydrostatic enginesGlynn, JosephJohn Weale1853Copied document
New mproved Hercules TurbineJohn Turnbull, Jun & Sons, GlasgowBrochure, leaflet or poster
The Improved Hercules TurbineJohn Turnbull, Jun & Sons, GlasgowBrochure, leaflet or poster
Water Turbines to suit all conditionsJohn MacDonald & Co, GlasgowBrochure, leaflet or poster
Stronger than a hundred men: a history of the vertical water wheelReynolds, Terry SJohn Hopkins University Press1983Book
Brief catalogue of Improved Water MotorsJohn Hetherington & Sons LdtCopied document
Water power in Scotland: 1550-1870Shaw, JohnJohn Donald1984Book
Water PowerJohn Birch & Co LtdBook
Leffel, Samson and Niagara turbine water wheelsJames Leffel & Co.1911Book
Leffel, turbine water wheels, Bulletin 54James Leffel & Co.1916Book
Water Power Catalogue EJames Gordon & Co1912Book
Complete Plant for the Development of Water PowerJames Gordon & Co1909Book
Recent Marked Improvements to the Colllins-Jonval TurbineJ P Collins & Co. Norwich, Conn1885Book
Voith leaflet AM213J M Voith, HeidenheimBrochure, leaflet or poster
Voith leaflet 561AJ M Voith, HeidenheimBrochure, leaflet or poster
Voith brochure 538J M Voith, HeidenheimBrochure, leaflet or poster
Voith leaflet 610J M Voith, HeidenheimBrochure, leaflet or poster
Voith brochure 601fJ M Voith, HeidenheimBook
Das Kraftwerk Partensteinin in Oberosterreich - VDI-Z Bd 69, seite 1485J M Voith, Heidenheim1925Offprint/Journal Supplement
Das Kraftwek"Bleilochsperre" - VDI-Z Bd 77 (25), seite 663J M Voith, Heidenheim1933Offprint/Journal Supplement
Voith leaflet 532J M Voith, HeidenheimBrochure, leaflet or poster
Voith brochure 572fJ M Voith, HeidenheimBrochure, leaflet or poster
Voith brochure 576fJ M Voith, HeidenheimBrochure, leaflet or poster
Waterwheels: Parts 1 and 2Staff, I C SInternational Textbook Company1907Facsimile reprint
Catalog DHydraulic Turbine Corp.Camden, NY1915Book
Little Giant Double TurbineHowes & Ewell1886Book
Holyoke Machine Company catalogueHolyoke Machine Company1895Book
Water turbinesWilson, Paul N LordHMSO1974Book
Geschichte der WasserkraftnutzungTönsmann, FrankHerkules Verlag, Kassel1996Book
Industrial archaeology of windmills and waterpowerSchools Council, Heinemann1975Book
Empress Turbine Water WheelsH Kennedy & Son, Coleraine, Londonderry1890Book