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Polder pioneers: the influence of Dutch engineers on water management in Europe, 1600-2000Danner, Helga S; Renes, Johannes; Toussaint, Bert; van de Ven, Gerard P; Zeiler, Frits DavidKoninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap2005Book
Sir Samuel Morland: diplomat and inventor, 1625-1695Dickinson, Henry WinramW Heffer & Sons1970Book
Symposium uber der Historie der Wasserforderung Berlin 1985Glaser, FritzFrontinus Gessellschaft1985Book
Dredge, drain, reclaim: the art of a nationvan Veen, JohanMartinus Nijhoff1962Book
Chronicles of London BridgeThomson, RichardSmith Elder1827Book
Two Netherlanders: Humphrey Bradley and Cornelis DrebbelHarris, L EW Heffer & Sons1961Book
Water: its origin and useColes-Finch, WilliamAlston Rivers1908Book
Remarkable artesian boringColes-Finch, WilliamInstitution of Civil Engineers1929Book
Changing FenlandDarby, H CCambridge University Press1983Book
Water supplyNaylor, PeterShire2005Book
Man and water: a history of hydro-technologySmith, NormanPeter Davies1976Book
Windmills and pumps of the southwestAllen, Bill; Hays, DickEakin Press1983Book
Age of water: the urban environment in the north of France, AD 300-1800Guillerme, Andre ETexas A&M UP1988Book
Water pumping windmill bookHirshberg, GaryBrick House1982Book
Urgent hour: a history of the drainage of the Burnt Fen districtBeckett, JohnEly Local History Publications Board1974Book
Claverton pumping station: a definitive studyDanks, WarwickKennet and Avon Canal Trust2003Book
Coultershaw beam pumpSussex Industrial Archaeology Society1994Book
Claverton pumping station: a definitive studyDanks, WarwickKennet and Avon Canal Trust1984Book
Mills of the Halvergate marshes: Reedham marshes & Ashtree farmYardy, AlisonNorfolk Windmills Trust2008Book
Wells and water supplyVince, JohnShire1978Book
Castleton pumping station, Sherborne: a historyPountain, RonCastleton Waterwheel Restoration Society2001Book
Ryhope pumping station: a history and descriptionLinsley, S MRyhope Engines Trust1975Book
Poldaw windpumps for rural water supplyNeale Consulting Engineers Ltd1998Book
Practical guide for the water supply of towns, estates, villages, houses &c.: for the use of architects, estate agents, district surveyors and property ownersHayward-Tyler & Co1921Book
De Windmotor als Poldergemaal in FrieslandBergstra, J; Hengs, W DThe author1995Book
Windpumps in South Africa: wherever you go you see them, whenever you see them they goPretorius, André; Walton, JamesHuman and Rousseau1998Book
History of agricultural drainageLand Drainage Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food1977Book
History of agricultural drainageLand Drainage Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and FoodBook
Stretham engineHills, Richard LStretham Engine Preservation Trust1965Book
How to build a "Cretan Sail" windmill for use in low-speed wind conditionsMann, R DIntermediate Technology Publications1979Book
Great Laxey MineScarffe, AndrewManx Heritage Foundation2004Book
Science and Civilisation in China Vol IV (2) Mechanical EngineeringNeedham, JosephCambridge University Press1965Book
Drainage, mills and polders: history and preservation Abstracts Themed Conference 8 June 2007Ijzerman, YoltTIMS2007Book
Rural Water SupplyHett, Chrles LE & F N Spon1888Book
How to build a wind pumpBarr, James H (Jim)Low-impact Living Iniitiative2012Book
Archimedian Screw in JapanKawakami, KenjiroThe author2006Book
Windpumps for irrigationGoedhart, P D; van Dijk, H JCWD (now TOOL), Amsterdam1990Book
Boy who harnessed the wind; young readers' editionKamkwamba, William; Mealer, BryanPuffin2015Book
Cromford Canal and Leawood PumpCromford Canal SocietyBook
Coultershaw beam pumpCoultershaw Trust2012Book
Crofton storyBroom, IanWiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society2013Book
Witham Fourth District Drainage Board: a brief historyThe Board's OfficeBook
Sails in the wind; Windmill area Kinderdijk, picture of a global heritageFijnekam, Leen; Knol, Nico; Vlot, RitaDe Stroombaan, Papendrecht1999Book
Wells and pumpsVince, JohnSorbus1992Book
L'Eolienne Bollee: gazetteer of sites in France and elsewhereWalter, JohnBritish Engineerium2002Book
L'Eolienne Bollee: a short illustrated historyWalter, JohnBritish Engineerium2002Book
History of the Arkemheen polder and the task and operation of the Hertog Reijnout steam pumping station and its successorSchipper, A J2005Book
Fairmount waterworksGibson, Jane MorkPhiladlphia Museum of Art1988Book
Thames locksKemplay, JohnRonald Crowhurst2000Book
Life to the city: aspects of Exeter's historyMinchinton, WalterDevon Books1987Book